Motor bike races


The first time motor bike races were organized as a competitive sport goes way back to the year 1949 when the Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) brought together bikers from different parts of the world to compete in its Grand Prix Road-racing Championship. It has since been held under the purview of commercial rights owners Dorna Sports with FIM’s supervision. MotoGP, as the motor bike competition is popularly known, is effectively the world’s oldest motorsport championship. It has a season of 18 grand prix races in 14 countries that bring together the world’s top motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, Yamaha, Ducati amongst others. Riders participating in the championship are the cr? de la cr? drawn from all corners of the world.

Preparation for motor bike races requires very meticulous planning because the riders expect nothing less than perfection on the material day but even more so, the event requires a high standard of safety. Everything has to be right from bike set-up to selection of materials and must be done by the teams in consultation with their respective riders. Factors such as weather conditions, rider’s knowledge of the track and ‘feel’ of the bike during practice must all be put into perspective on the eve of the race. Even more critical is how to achieve a balance between grip and durability of the motorcycle wheels. Gripping wheels give leeway for acceleration leading to record lap times but wear out faster. On the other hand, wheels with less grip will certainly take a longer time to wear out but the reduced traction can see the rider easily spin off the track.

The revision of MotoGP regulations in 2002 relaxed the requirements thus allowing the participation of bikes with four-stroke engines. Breath-taking action was witnessed at the start of the 2008 season when the first motor sports world championship held a nighttime grand prix at the floodlit state-of-the-art Lorail International Circuit in Qatar.

Grand Prix weekends are made up of three individual races with each of its three categories having one race. The most talented riders compete in the MotorGP category where the maximum engine displacement capacity is now 800cc and the youngest rider must be aged at least 18. This category has the likes of Italian superstar Valentino Rossi whose prowess has made events he takes part in fairly predictable. The intermediate category comes next with maximum engine displacement capacity of 250cc for riders not below 16yrs of age and is known to be home to the next big names in motor bike racing. Beginners intent on trying out their hand at motor bike racing also get their chance in the junior category that has maximum engine capacity of 125cc with a minimum age of 15yrs.

The actual races are a breath-taking spectacle. They commence from a grid made up of three starting positions per row (four rows for the 250cc & 125cc classes). A rider’s qualifying time is enough to earn him ‘pole position’ if he is the fastest of the pack during the time trials. The distance covered over a single race can range between 95kms to 130kms lasting just about 40-45 minutes.

Pick Your Star Riders

Motor bike races have become more and more popular across the globe with an increasing number of competitors coming forward to prove that they are the best riders. Participating in the MotoGP series is a dream come true for any motor bike rider. Other than Italian superstar Valentino, who won his sixth premier class title in 2008, some of the star riders you can place your bet on include Dani Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso, Jorge Lorenzo, Nicky Hayden, Loris Capriosi, Chris Vermuellen, Collin Edwards and Toni Elias.

Riders participating in the MotoGP grand prix races are contracted by their teams to represent them for the entire season. However, local riders are not entirely locked out as they too get wildcard entries to participate. On average, up to 19 riders get to race each other in the main MotoGP category, 25 in the 250cc category and 30 in the 125cc category. You can actually get to meet your favorite star at the Iveco Australian Grand Prix and make an online bet on what is happening on the ground.

Betting on Grand Prix motor bike races

Punters in Australia wishing to bet on motor bike races have a field day when you consider the number of motor bike races that take place around the world each year. Further, the continued rise in popularity of motor bike races has attracted intense competition among television and radio channels and sponsors in buying the broadcast rights. The millions of MotoGP fans can get to witness the thrills of each grand prix race live. What is more, you can bet online from anywhere as long as you have an internet-enabled device.